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Data is essential, but the real challenge is to find opportunities and generate insights, identifying new and imaginative ways to build, engage, and convert your key audiences.

Wherever possible, we avoid treating strategies as one-and-done. Digital marketing is iterative and a strategy should be a living thing. You should regularly review your marketing strategies to take into account new data, assess whether the market is changing, and adjust your direction accordingly.

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Power Query Overview: An Introduction to Excel’s Most Powerful Data Tools

Key takeaways: Learn how a great Excel and Power BI feature called Power Query helps you automate the import, transformation, and deletion of your data to save your work time. Skill Level: For Beginners Introduction to Power Query This tutorial provides an introductory explanation of Power Query. You’ll learn why this is the Excel tool […]

Top 10 ADVANCED Excel Charts and Graphs

Charts are one of the most important parts of Microsoft Excel. It helps us to present data in an easy to understand way. In Excel, we have different types of charts and graphs to present data in different ways. There are even a lot of advanced charts and graphs that we can create in Excel […]

Use data from multiple files in Excel to create a Pivot Table

Use data from multiple files in Excel to create a Pivot Table Sometimes we need to create a pivot table from multiple workbooks and in that case, to create a pivot table you need to combine those workbooks into one. The following article guides you in 3 steps to create a pivot table using data […]

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