10 Free Tools for Creating Unique Images

10 Free Tools for Creating Unique Images

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Tools for Creating One-of-a-Kind Images for Free

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, and an English word is 5 letters on average, it would take 35.71 Tweets to express the same message that one posted image on social media could. So why don’t you just use a picture?

We understand how tough it can be to come up with a new image for each social media post you make, so we’ve compiled a list of incredible resources to assist you in creating free photos for websites, social media posts, blogs, and more.(Creating Unique Images)

Although many of the resources on this list are free, some may need payment for additional features or access.

The Different Types of Free Image Creation Software

Here are some fast links to assist you get to the type of image you’re wanting to make. There should be enough picture tools here to meet all of your needs, ranging from free to premium and from desktop software to mobile apps.

  • Image Design Tools
  • Infographic Makers
  • Logo Makers
  • Quote Makers
  • Collage Makers
  • Cover Photo Makers
  • Profile Picture Makers
  • Screenshot Tools
  • Image Resizing Tools
  • GIF Makers
  • Image Design Tools

You may start changing, touching up, or generating your own social photographs with dozens of free image editing programs available online. These are some of the best with simple web-based interfaces that we uncovered.

1. Canva

Canva for Work: $9.95/month (pay annually), $12.95/month (pay monthly)

Infographics, logos, quotes, collage, cover photos, profiles, and resizing are some of the other features.

Canva is without a doubt the most comprehensive tool on this list. There are numerous design templates available that make it simple for users to produce photos, resumes, and book covers. Canva also includes social media templates that make it simple to generate images for social media, such as cover shots, profile pictures, posts, and adverts.(Read more : CANVA SOFTWARE )


2. PicMonkey is number two

Premium $3.99/month (pay annually) or $7.99/month (paid monthly), and Supremium $8.33/month.

Logos, Quotes, Collage, Cover Photos, Profiles, and Resizing are some of the other features.

PicMonkey is an excellent application for altering or creating new photos for social network posts. PicMonkey’s blog, where it offers amazing tips to help you make your own free photographs, is one of its best features.

3. Stencil

Upgrades to the Pro plan are $9 per month (pay annually) or $19 per month (pay monthly) (pay annually).

Logos, Quotes, Collage, Cover Photos, Profiles, and Resizing are some of the other features.

Stencil is ideal if you only need to update a few photographs every month and don’t want to invest a lot of money. The free version allows you to create 10 photos per month but has restricted functionality.(Read more : tool Creating Unique Images )

4. BeFunky

Upgrades to the BeFunky Plus plan are $2.91 per month (pay annually) or $4.95 per month (pay monthly) (pay monthly)

Infographics, collage, cover photos, profiles, and resizing are some of the other features.

BeFunky is a photo editing app that doesn’t require users to sign up, which is a huge bonus for many individuals. Editing and effect tools are available on the site. BeFunky also contains collage-making tools.

Using these picture creation tools and publishing them with our social media management software and Smart Inbox is a breeze.
Makers of Infographics

It’s simple to communicate enormous amounts of data in visually appealing content by using an infographic creator. This is why infographics are still considered one of the most shareable pieces of information in the digital marketing world. When done well, infographics are extremely shareable, which is why it’s critical to use a high-quality tool to create them.

5. Venngage

Premium $16/month (pay yearly), $17/month (pay quarterly), or $19/month (pay monthly); Business $39/month (pay annually), $43/month (pay quarterly), or $49/month (pay monthly) (pay monthly)

Infographics, collage, cover photos, profiles, and resizing are some of the other features.

Venngage offers both free and paid accounts that make creating and sharing your own infographics a breeze. Simply pick a theme, make changes to the text and data, add some visuals, and publish.

6. Infogr.am is a website that provides information on a variety of topics

Pro $19/mo (pay annually) or $25/mo (pay monthly); Business $67/mo (pay annually) or $79/mo (pay monthly) (pay monthly)

Logos are among the other features.

Infogr.am is a high-quality tool for visualizing large amounts of data and creating ready-to-use infographics for your audience. There are a handful of wonderful elements that are available for free, but you’ll need a paid subscription to use the complete array of infographic tools, including interactive maps.

7. Piktochart

Upgrades: Lite: $150 per year (pay yearly) or $15 per month (pay monthly); Pro: $290 per year (pay annually) or $29 per month (pay monthly) (pay monthly)

Additional features include image design and logos.

Piktochart is a popular infographic maker with a wealth of free design capabilities for both beginners and professionals. Piktochart’s free plan, which is widely utilized by some larger firms, is ideal for those just starting started.(Read more : photo collage software )

8. Visme

Upgrades to the plan: Standard: $10 per month (paid annually) or $15 per month (pay monthly). Complete: $19/month (pay annually) or $28/month (paid monthly) (pay monthly). Team: $57 per month (pay annually) or $84 per month (pay monthly).


Image Design is an additional feature.

If you’re new to creating infographics, Visme is a terrific place to start. You can create attractive and informative infographics with a free edition to get you started.(Read more : Google and Dropbox )

9. Ease.ly is number nine.

Upgrades to the Pro plan are $3 per month (pay monthly)

Other characteristics: none

With over 4 million infographics generated, it’s clear to see why Ease.ly is so popular among infographic designers. While the free version has a restricted number of templates, it is still a useful tool to have.

Designers of logos

Logos are an essential component of your brand. Most of your target audience will see them, therefore it’s worth investing some time and money in establishing one. However, here are a few free logo-making tools to get you started.

10. LogoGarden

Upgrades to the plan: $39.99 for a custom logo (starting)

Other characteristics: none

LogoGarden is a simple and free way to create a logo. It’s the ideal tool if you’re not particularly creative and don’t mind using existing photos to build your logo. A custom logo from the company’s design team is also available ($39.99 beginning price).

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