10 Must-have digital marketing tools to help you grow

1. Effortlessly

Optimizely, which focuses on landing page experiments, combines graphic creation and audience targeting capabilities to allow you to swiftly performed tests on different parts of your audience. (Read more: Search Engine Optimization)

Fine-tuning your site for performance doesn’t have to be a significant task with a no-code platform that allows you to test both major and little adjustments to your pages.

2. Hotjar

Hotjar’s platform keeps a visual record of your visitors’ actions and behaviors on-site in real-time.

Heatmaps show where people are clicking (or aren’t clicking). You can literally see what needs to be modified at a glance because it’s synced to actual video recordings of your visitor’s journey.

The heatmap on Hotjar’s website displays where the majority of users click.

Tools for enhancing leads.

The majority of internet users fail to submit enough data after leaving your site, which has been widely established.

Thankfully, there are business intelligence solutions available to assist you in better understanding your leads and highlighting critical information so that you may contact them once they’ve expressed interest. Lead enrichment solutions, which are especially useful for B2B marketing, boost your prospecting and outbound marketing efforts by providing a more holistic view of your traffic. (Read more: Affiliate Marketing)

Hotjar's platform
Hotjar’s platform

3. Clearbit

Clearbit develops an up-to-date profile of your prospects using 100+ sources including Salesforce and other marketing platform data to make your outreach efforts run more smoothly. Company, role, and company size are just a few of the details acquired.

Rather than digging for information or relying on old data, the platform refreshes itself every 30 days to keep your data current. This allows you to prospect with confidence while also saving a significant amount of time. (Read more: Marketing Technology)

4. Datanyze

Datanyze, like Clearbit, reveals vital contact information about your on-site prospects to help you fill up your digital Rolodex. The tool also works wonders for LinkedIn prospecting by gathering social data on decision-makers.

Warm leads’ LinkedIn profiles are used by Datanyze to collect information.

Tools for capturing leads and landing pages.

With our attention spans dwindling, it’s more important than ever to make an effort to keep people on your site once they arrive. Lead capture marketing tools ensure that your traffic isn’t squandered and that visitors are more inclined to take action. More leads and conversions are the ultimate outcome when done correctly.

5. OptiMonk

The OptiMonk platform allows businesses to capture clients’ attention and prevent them from bouncing by using tailored pop-ups.

The platform’s behavior-based targeting ensures that your pop-ups don’t have to be intrusive and emphasizes the lead acquisition and exit intent messages.

OptiMonk, for example, encourages users to segregate their marketing messages and only send them when it makes sense. The platform allows you to develop campaigns that speak to all of your customers rather than treating them as one-size-fits-all, from repeat customers to first-time window shoppers.

The advantage of OptiMonk is that it is well-known for its simplicity. Brands can adapt their messages based on pop-ups that have been proven effective, thanks to a large number of templates with established average click-through rates.

Businesses can develop tailored pop-ups using OptiMonk’s technology.

6. Use a Typeform

For marketers looking to develop elegant, minimalist forms, Typeform is a streamlined solution.

Typeform’s intake forms, unlike more standard pop-ups, are genuinely stylish and don’t feel like adverts at all. The platform’s basic editor, straightforward embeds, and the option to build quizzes and interactive forms are useful extras.

Typeform is a minimalist form-creation tool that is simple to use.

7. MailMunch

MailMunch is a list-building hybrid email marketing and landing page solution that offers numerous appealing form kinds and emails to send to leads once they’ve opted-in.

You may segment your audience using the platform depending on things like how often they buy and their demographics. Furthermore, their goal-based form builder is simple to use and allows you to choose from a choice of themes.

MailMunch is a landing page and email marketing solution that provides compelling form types and emails to deliver to prospects.

Graphic design software.

Infographics. Memes. Graphs and illustrations. The list might go on forever.

Visuals are an important part of social marketing and branding in general. Digital marketing tools like Canva have become the go-to for creating eye-catching pictures if you don’t have the funds for a designer or are running a DIY business.

However, there are a few additional graphic design techniques to consider so your work doesn’t become stale. (Read more: Marketing tools)

8. Creatopy

Creatopy is a visual design tool similar to Canva but with a few features tailored to marketers.

The platform’s design sets and brand kits, for example, allow you to collaborate with other marketers and keep your brand creatives organized. This is especially beneficial for agencies with several clients or social media accounts to manage.

Meanwhile, the ability to update the same design in several forms (for example, desktop banner versus mobile) with a single click saves lots of time.

The Creatopy graphic design tool allows you to collaborate with your team to build brand design kits and visuals.

The Creatopy graphic design tool
The Creatopy graphic design tool

9. Visme

Visme’s platform is primarily intended for presentations’ creation and data visualization.

Visme is great for anyone who routinely publishes research on platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn because infographics and fresh data are among the most shared types of material on social media.

Aside from graphic design, the platform allows you to import data from external sources (such as spreadsheets) to make presentation building a breeze.

Visme is a graph designer that can be used to create presentations and data visualizations.

10. VenngageVenngage is another graph

You may personalize your infographics however you like with spreadsheet imports and hundreds of chart configurations. With dozens of built-in graphics to select from, you can customize any infographic to match your brand.

Venngage is a graphic design application that allows you to input spreadsheets and create hundreds of chart layouts.

What digital marketing tools do you have in your arsenal?

You can streamline your marketing campaigns and automate a lot of work with the correct tools at your disposal.

A good digital marketing stack can be built using any combination of the tools listed above. Don’t be afraid to test-drive and go through trials to see what works best for your company and budget.

You can move forward with your campaigns with confidence and keep a better pulse on your marketing efforts once you’ve sorted out your digital marketing tools.

And, if you haven’t already, have a look at our social media templates to help you structure and measure your social marketing initiatives so they correspond with your company’s objectives.

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