11 Free Tools for Creating Unique Images

1. LogotypeMaker

$24.99 or $39.99 for Premium (One-time Payment)

Other characteristics: None

Logotype Maker is a website that allows small businesses and startups to design their logos. Over 200 custom fonts, configurable sizes, a handful of special effects, and more are available on the site. The free version, on the other hand, only offers non-customizable logos. (Tool Creating Unique Images)

2. UCraft

Plan: Designer Tools App – Free

Image Design is an additional feature.

UCraft is most known as a content management system, but it also has a free logo maker. While the tool’s templates aren’t particularly robust, it can design simple logos for use on a website. Other add-ons are available for purchase if you want more designer tools for image editing.


3. Logaster

Plan: BrandKit – $29.99 (One-time Payment)

Other characteristics: None

Logaster is another free logo maker that you can use to make many variants of product designs or logos for free. However, you can only download small photos, and there are upgrade options for larger and higher-resolution downloads.

Quote Generators

This suite of tools isn’t well-known, yet they’re excellent for social media. These websites will turn a quote into a stunning image that can be shared on social media. These are terrific tools for marketers who frequently post because of the ease with which they can create and share content. (Read more: Creating Unique Images)

4. Recite

Upgrades to the Plan: None

Other characteristics: None

With Recite, you can “turn a quote into a masterpiece.” The site includes a variety of design choices to choose from, so your quote will look beautiful in no time. Simply enter your quote into the area provided and select a template.

5. Quozio

Plan: None

Other characteristics: None

Another tool for making and sharing quote designs is Quozio. The site lacks certain of Recite’s sharing tools, making it more difficult to publish your quotes.


Plan: None

Other Features: Photo Markers on the Cover

QuotesCover is an excellent tool for making social network cover photos out of your favorite quotes. You may use the site to make quote designs for a variety of social media platforms. You can even use a quote image as your Facebook cover photo.

Use Sprout Social’s Social Media Calendar tools to schedule your lovely quotations.

Makers of collages

You’ve probably seen photo collages on social media, most often in a post commemorating someone’s birthday. Collages are excellent for using social media to express a story. Here are some of the tools we’ve discovered that make creating collages simple.

7. Fotor

Plan: Fotor Pro: $3.33/month (paid annually) or $8.99/month (paid monthly)

Image design, quotes, cover photos, profiles, and resizing are several of its features.

Fotor is a fantastic free site for creating photo collages. You can use your computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, the web, or any camera you have connected to your computer to pull photographs. Fotor also provides apps for Android, Apple, and Windows, so you can take your editing talents with you wherever you go. (Read more: photo collage software )

8. Photovisi

Plans: Premium – $4.99/month

Image Design is an additional feature.

Photovisi is a straightforward picture collage maker. It’s as simple as picking a theme, uploading your photographs, adding text and shapes, and then letting them put it all together. The only drawback is that access to a collage without the watermark will cost you $4.99 per month.

Other Features: Image Design, GIF Maker


9. Picture2Life

Plan Upgrades: None

Picture2Life is a sophisticated application for editing photos, creating GIFs, and creating fully customizable picture collages. Users can also have their art enhanced, enlarged, and framed by professionals! Framing starts at $77.30 for image prints.

Everything else you produce or make on Picture2Lie is completely free.

Other Features: Image Design, Quotes, Cover Photos, and Profiles.

10. PhotoCollage

Plan Upgrades: None

PhotoCollage is one of the most basic tools on our list. This fully free program allows users to build collages, add text, and save them as Facebook and Twitter Cover Photos. Canvas prints are also available for purchase on the site. (Read more: Make GIFs In Canva)

Other Features: Image Design, Screenshots

11. Google Photos

Plan Upgrades: None

Did you realize that Google Photos’ editing capabilities include a collage maker? This is an excellent resource for quickly creating a collage and saving it to Google Drive. There are a variety of collage versions and editing options to improve the image. The best part is that it’s all completely free.

Photo Editors for Covers

Cover shots are, without a doubt, the most crucial images you’ll utilize on social media. These photos feature some of the largest sizes. It’s also the first thing visitors can view when they land on your page.

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