18 Free Tools for Creating Unique Images

1. Fotor for Twitter

Fotor Pro costs $3.33 per month if paid annually or $8.99 per month if paid monthly.

Image design, quotes, collage maker, profiles, and resizing are several of its features.

While we already highlighted Fotor in our Collage Maker section, it’s difficult not to include it in our Cover Photos area. This program contains a function that allows you to make personalized Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy cover photos. Fotor can also create leaderboard pictures for Medium and even customer blog headers. (Tool Creating Unique Images )

2. Pagemodo

The plan for basic is $4.25 for two years (paid biannually), $6.25 per month (paid annually), or $9 per month (paid monthly). Pro is $10.95 for two years (paid biannually), $13.25 per month (paid annually), or $19 per month (paid monthly). $23.95/2 years (paid biannually), $33.25/mo (paid annually), or $59/mo (paid monthly).

Image design, quotes, profiles, and resizing are several of its features.

Pagemodo has over a million users and offers a variety of useful features such as professionally designed themes, free stock photos and shapes, and the opportunity to submit your own images. The cover photo tools are free to use at first, but customers can upgrade to professional tools afterward.

3. Adobe Spark

Plan for using Adobe Cloud: Each app costs $19.99 per month (paid monthly).

Image design, quotes, profiles, and resizing are several of its features.

Adobe Spark is a free tool that allows users to create stunning social network cover photographs. Spark is undoubtedly a tool worth having in your back pocket for designing cover photos, with plenty of editing capabilities, size formations, and easy-to-save features. However, unless you upgrade to an Adobe Cloud member, an Adobe Spark banner will appear on your material.

Makers of Profile Photographs

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark

After your colorful and unusual cover photo has drew in visitors, your profile picture is likely to be the next most crucial visual they view. That is why you must produce a fantastic graphic for your page.

4. Profile Picture Maker

Plan: None Other Features: Quotes, Resizing

This application may help you make beautiful photographs for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. On the site, you may choose from a variety of excellent frames and themes. (Read more: Make GIFs In Canva)

5. Mypictr

Plans: None Other Features: Resizing

This is a website where you can upload a photo and have it resized to meet the profile image dimensions of numerous social media platforms. Without spending a dollar, you may edit, save, and upload your profile photographs using simple tools.

Other Features: Resizing

6. Timeline Slicer

Plan Upgrades: None

Timeline Slicer is another free profile and resizing tool. This site attempts to merge your profile picture and cover photo into a single image, resulting in a distinctive style. Users may also scale images for adverts with Timeline Slicer.

Publishing on Social Media Screenshot Tools for Banners is available for free.

A screenshot of something on your screen might be a quick and easy way to create an image for a social network post. Most PCs and laptops have built-in screenshot tools, but we’ve included a few that offer more advanced editing options.

7. Jing

Plan: Snagit Upgrade: $24.95.

Additional features include resizing.

TechSmith’s Jing is a free tool that allows you to record both screenshots and screen videos. Then you may quickly share via Screencast with a custom abbreviated URL. Jing also includes features for adding text, shapes, and colors to the image you’ve taken. However, there is a monthly or yearly charge to connect with Screencast.

8. Awesome Screenshot

Plan: None

Additional features include image design and resizing.

Awesome Screenshot is a browser extension that connects to your Google account and allows you to edit, resize, and enhance screenshots. Awesome Screenshot has a lot of useful capabilities for capturing screenshots, and its editing tools may also allow you to make smart notes and remarks on top of an image.

9. Skitch

Plan Upgrades: Evernote Plus: $34.99/yr or Evernote Premium $69.99/yr.

Other Features: Image Design, Resizing

Skitch, like Jing and Awesome Screenshot, has a lot of great capabilities for altering photos on your phone. This is a significant benefit for social media administrators and content creators on the go who require basic tools. Skitch is completely free, however, Evernote upgrades with more features and integrations are available. (Read more: SEO TOOLS )

Image Resizing Software

These types of tools are wonderful because they allow you to crop all of your existing photographs to match the exact requirements of each social network. Check out our always-up-to-date social media image size guide if you need those specs.

10. Landscape by Sprout Social

Plan: None

Image Design and Cover Photos are several of its features.

We understand how difficult it is to keep up with each social network’s constantly changing image dimensions. With our free application, Landscape, you no longer have to bother about scaling photographs for social media. The social media picture resizing tool from Sprout Social is designed with social media administrators in mind. Simply upload your photo, select the networks and post kinds for which you want to resize it, control the cropping process, and get all of your new photographs.

Upgrades: None Other Features

11. Simple Image Resizer

Plan Upgrades: None

All you have to do with the Simple Image Resizer is uplPicresize

Load a photo and select the new dimensions. That’s all there is to it.

12. Plan: None Other Features: Image Design

Picresize is another image resizing program with a variety of interesting effects and resizing options. Uploading your image, adding effects, and saving it in several image formats is a breeze.

GIF Creators

Although the pronunciation of the word GIF is hotly contested, its popularity is not. GIFs can be played on most social media feeds, and brands frequently utilize them to communicate with customers. Here are some resources to assist you in creating bespoke GIFs more quickly. (Read more: camtasia 9 key)

13. Giphy

Plan: None Other Features

Giphy is one of the most popular places to satisfy your GIF cravings. Its GIF Maker makes it simple to submit video content and generate a looped movie, in addition to hosting millions of GIFs. You can save all of your GIFs in your account or produce one without logging in and sharing it!

Other Features: Resizing


14. GifMaker.me

Plan Upgrades: None

This is the tool to use if you want to upload many photographs to make a GIF. Select the size and save the GIF with ease using the control panel. There’s even a resizing capability built in–all for free.

15. Imgflip

Plan: Pro – $9.95/mo

Additional features include resizing.

GIFs can be made quickly and easily with Imgflip. GIFs can be made using videos found online, as well as your own movies and photographs. Its easy-to-use interface is ideal for beginners.

16. Makeagif

Plan: Premium: $5/month (paid bi-annually), $8.33/month (paid quarterly), or $11.99/month (paid monthly)
Other characteristics: None

Make a Gif has a free GIF maker that you can use with YouTube links or video files you’ve uploaded. It’s quick, easy, and allows you to add stickers to your GIF. (Read more: photo collage software )


Plan: None

Other characteristics: None

PHHHTO is a mobile software for Apple and Android smartphones that turns your stuff into personalized GIF-like videos. Your material will resemble a regular GIF but will have its own personality.

18. Boomerang by Instagram

Image Design, Profiles, and Other Features

It’s difficult to discuss GIFs on social media without discussing Instagram’s Boomerang feature. Users can create GIF-style videos that loop forward and backward on repeat using this mobile-only feature. Although you must link the app to your Instagram account, the quick bursts of the content may truly make your Instagram posts stand out!

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