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More than 40 of the greatest tools for tracking and managing all aspects of your SEO operations.( All-in-One SEO Tool )

To dominate the SERPs and increase your visitors, this is a must-have!

Keyword research that is thorough

Thousands of keyword suggestions are available for every area, as well as sophisticated analytics for each phrase. SERPed uses direct connections to Google, Bing, and other databases to provide reliable, up-to-date recommendations.

Keyword research that is thorough
Keyword research that is thorough

Analysis of Backlinks and Websites in Depth

For ultimate control over off-site SEO aspects, conduct a thorough backlink study and monitoring. Examine any domain’s authority and backlinks, which are all checked for the most important SEO indicators. For each inbound link to your website or a competitor’s, SERPed provides a complete profile analysis.(Read more : All-In-One SEO )

Domain Research in a Single Location

In one centralized platform, you can easily research and buy domains from many leading marketplaces. Inside SERPed, you can find fresh domains, discover authoritative expired domains, or snare a hidden treasure that has been placed up for auction. It’s never been easier to find the perfect URL for your new project.

Project Management in One Place

SERPed makes project administration simple and clear, whether you’re managing a single website or hundreds for clients. The dashboard for each project provides a high-level overview of key data, with the option to drill down for more thorough and advanced information on every area of SEO.

Rank Tracking that is up to date

Keep track of where your projects appear on the most popular search engines, such as Google, Amazon, and YouTube. Track your rankings on a country, city, or even neighborhood level across mobile and other platforms to be as detailed as you desire. Our patented rank tracking system is so good that it’s used by other top SEO tools through our API.(Read more : WordPress SEO )

Tracking & Social

SERPed provides solutions for controlling and tracking social signals across all major social media networks for your personal or client initiatives. Search engines look at social signals and use them to increase your website’s ranking.

Our platform is not only supported by an industry-leading array of SEO tools, but also by a flourishing community of seasoned experts who help one another succeed via our built-in marketplace.

Tracking & Social
Tracking & Social

Client Acquisition at a Low Cost

SERPed makes it simple to stand out in the crowded and competitive SEO services sector. It not only strengthens existing client relationships and loyalty, but it also makes new client acquisition easier with automated and intuitive solutions. See how it’s done here…

Reporting that is automated and white-labeled

By automating mundane and time-consuming but necessary activities, you can devote more of your time to providing outstanding services to your clients. Your clients will be wowed by your stunning and detailed reports on the status of their project. Reports can be completely customized to reflect your brand and meet your needs. SERPed will provide reports to your clients or yourself on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your preferences.(Read more : Seobility Seo Tool )

Collaboration in a Group

SERPed’s multi-user accounts make team cooperation a breeze. Communicate effectively, establish tasks, and allocate them to your team. Our team tools will help you improve the efficiency and profitability of your firm by streamlining internal processes and workflows.

Client Dashboards That Can Be Customized

For a reasonable monthly charge, the Agency add-on grants access to a powerful range of tools suited to the needs of SEO agencies and large teams. Advanced capabilities include fully customizable and white-labeled client dashboards, extra client acquisition tools, social monitoring, and more.(Read more : digital marketing tools)

With client portals, you can keep your clients happy by giving them access to the progress of their project. At any time, your clients will be able to view how their project is progressing in real time. Widgets can be added to client dashboards to match your individual requirements. More information on this add-on may be found here…

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