Share camtasia 9 key and instructions for long-term activation

Camtasia 9 is a professional screen capture support software that is popular with many people today. With Camtasia 9 users can easily record their actions on their computer with a short video and then quickly share it with friends and family through social networking sites as quickly as possible.

Camtasia 9 owns a simple working environment, easy to use but also very powerful, thereby helping users save time and effort. In today’s article, we would like to share with you a list of Camtasia 9 key and instructions to activate the software so that you can rest assured during use. We invite you to follow along!

Introduction to Camtasia 9 . software 

As mentioned above, Camtasia 9 is one of the current screen capture software with high image quality and video resolution. In addition, Camtasia 9 is also integrated with a variety of editing features such as inserting images, characters, changing volume, changing projection angle, frame rate options. There have been many different versions of Camtasia have been launched on the market, in which Camtasia 9 is one of the versions that bring many useful and attractive features to users.

Introduction to Camtasia 9 . software
Introduction to Camtasia 9 . software

Camtasia 9 software is divided into 2 basic features that are screen recording and screen capture. Specifically, the movie recording feature will record all the operations and activities that take place on the screen and output it in video format, while the screen capture feature will capture a certain moment that takes place on the screen. (partial or full) and then save it as an image.(Read more : photo collage softwar

Camtasia 9 software possesses many outstanding advantages as follows:

– Simple interface, easy to use.

– Supports exporting videos in various formats WMV, AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and Adobe Flash.

– Support recording from screen and webcam.

– High definition video with realistic sound.

– Support online video sharing feature to help you easily share with everyone.

Camtasia 9 owns a library of available animations, easy to drag and drop into videos to add professionalism to your videos.

Camtasia 9 allows you to re-edit audio clips to ensure that your videos have a perfect sound.

– Support users to add video notes, titles, effects and many other eye-catching features.

– Support users to zoom, rotate video, change camera angle, …

– Smart Focus feature automatically enlarges the image.

Latest Camtasia 9 key list





















Instructions on how to activate Camtasia 9

To activate Camtasia 9 software, you first need to download and install the software at this link:

After installation, go to C > Program Data > Techsmith >  Camtasia Studio 9

Open the RegInfo.ini file with notepad

Use one of the following Serial Keys above.

In the file RegInfo.ini has a built-in license key BBCUV-UVDRC-M8C5S-CHMX7-2M3A5 for you to use. If you want to use another key, follow the instructions below.(Read more : Seobility Seo Tool )

First you need to open the folder containing the Camtasia 9 installation file at the following path: C:\ProgramData\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio 9

In the Camtasia Studio 9 folder, copy the RegInfo.ini file in the activation file downloaded above and paste it into the folder. The Copy file dialog box appears, select the Copy and Replace line to paste the file in. This is the step to activate Camtasia 9 software.

Instructions on how to activate Camtasia 9
Instructions on how to activate Camtasia 9

After the activation is complete, open the software, go to Helps> About to check the activation status of the software.

Instructions on how to activate Camtasia 9
Instructions on how to activate Camtasia 9

The software has been activated successfully. To change the activation key of the software, the way you go back to the folder containing the activation key, then right-click the RegInfo.ini file > select Edit.

The software has been activated successfully
The software has been activated successfully

In the RegInfo.ini file, find the RegistrationKey line, then use one of the keys above to replace that line. Note that you need to remove all dashes when replacing the file. Then you choose File -> Save as… to save the file in another location. Note that you need to keep the name of the file. Finally, copy this file and paste it into the Camtasia Studio 9 folder to reactivate the software.(Read more : Creating Unique Images)

In the RegInfo.ini file
In the RegInfo.ini file

If not, you can use step 4 Change the key

Replace all the text in the file to the following




Above we have sent you a list of Camtasia 9 keys and activation instructions. It can be said that Camtasia 9 is an extremely useful application for users who need to record actions on their computer. With the ability to record videos as well as take high-quality photos, easy to share is the first choice of many users around the world. Hopefully, the knowledge provided in this article will help you easily master this useful software. Wishing you a successful operation!(Read more : digital marketing tools)

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