Before talking about Canva software , know that creating a logo for an online sales website is essential so that customers can easily remember you.

After all, an eye-catching image is still a thousand times better than good words, right?

However, hiring your own designer is quite expensive and sometimes doesn’t sketch out all of your ideas.

But you absolutely do not know how to design, do not know how to use complex graphic software, many features.

What is Canva? And who is Canva for?

Canva is an online design tool that provides free (and paid) simple images to help you create different products: logos, banners, ads, cards, etc.

Canva is for anyone, especially those without a design or art background. So you can rest assured when using this software.

What you need is a design concept and a few hours of testing to be able to use Canva fluently.(Read more : Make GIFs In Canva )

Of course those few hours will be reduced quite a bit because I will guide you with specific information right now.

6 Steps to create a simple logo with Canva

Note: The interface of Canva design software has changed a lot in recent years, but you can still follow the steps below to create your own logo design.

Register an account on Canva

It is quite easy to set up an account with just 2 steps of entering email and password .

It’s simpler than connecting directly with your Facebook or Google+ account

Register an account on Canva
Register an account on Canva

Start logo design

After you have successfully logged in, your interface will look below. There are two ways for you to start designing:

  • Create a design with the SIZE of your choice
  • Choose from available sizes of Canva
Start logo design
Start logo design

If you select (1) , the information box will be displayed. You will fill in the relevant information, then select DESIGN to get started.(Read more : SEO TOOLS )

  • Fill in width and length in 2 boxes width and height
  • Choose the units of measurement depending on your intended use, there are 3 types of px, mm, and in. You should choose to print if you don’t want your logo to break when enlarged.
select DESIGN to get started
select DESIGN to get started

If you choose (2) , Canva will present ready-made forms for you to choose from such as images for social networking sites, reports, books, blogs, emails, events, ads.

Canva will present ready-made forms
Canva will present ready-made forms

In this case I choose (1), and here are my results. If you choose (2) the result will be the same.

The result will be the same.
The result will be the same.

Explanation of the numbered positions:

  • Support image search
  • Support layout, you can choose many different layouts
  • Graphics support
  • Font support
  • Support background (background)
  • Support image download
  • Where you design the logo
  • Create a new design slide

Select and edit fonts

You can choose many different fonts when selecting TEXT in the left column

  • There are many pre-designed font combinations for you to choose from. If you don’t want to use these font combinations, you can choose Add heading, add subheading, add a little bit of body text to create your own design.(Read more :  Canva Photo Editor )
  • Change font style.
  • Change the font size. If you choose a font combination, it is not possible to change the size much.
  • Choose a color for the text.
  • Choose bold , italic , capital letters for text.
  • Undo step unsatisfied

If you want to delete the selected font, the font and press select … Â n icon TRASH either á n Right, select DELETE

The font and press select
The font and press select

Logo decoration

After you have chosen the font you like, you can completely move on to the step of choosing the accompanying image.

By selecting ELEMENT in the left column you have 10 different options:

  • Holidays : Pictures of decorations for the Christmas holiday
  • Grids : Divide the layout of sections
  • Frames : Frames. When you select one of the frames, you have the right to insert your favorite image by uploading it.
  • Shapes : Shapes like round, square, star
  • Lines : Line styles
  • Illustrations : Images that can be edited with Illustrator. Doesn’t break if you zoom in
  • Icons : Drawings
  • Photos : Photo taken
  • Charts : Charts
  • I <3 Canva
Logo decoration
Logo decoration

You can find more images , for example, I want to create a circle around the text so I will choose SHAPES and choose a circle. This circle will appear on your design.(Read more : photo collage software )

You can hold the scissors at 4 corners to zoom in and out.

You can hold the scissors at 4 corners to zoom in and out.
You can hold the scissors at 4 corners to zoom in and out.

Save image

After completing the design (1) you can:

  • Share (share) to Facebook, Twitter or send via your email
  • Directly Download to your device
 Save image
Save image

Don’t forget to learn how to upload photos

In some cases you want to use your photos to design logos, banners. You can select UPLOADS in the left column:

  • Photo upload button
  • Upload photos from your computer
  • Upload photos from Facebook
  • Upload your photo
Don't forget to learn how to upload photos
Don’t forget to learn how to upload photos

And I daa!! You have completed! Now, you can experiment with other logo versions or design banners and posters with Canva to your liking!

Source: S3co.vn

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