How Much Can Dropbox Store?

Cloud storage services are becoming more and more popular and used by many people because of their convenience, speed, and safety. Among these storage service providers, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive are rated well because they have free versions. With how much Dropbox stores, compare Dropbox and Google Drive, the following Onedrive hopes to help you choose the most suitable storage service for you.

How many GB is Dropbox for free?

Which company’s Dropbox? Dropbox is a cloud storage service founded in 2008 by the company Dropbox (USA) and is considered the best choice for people who do purely office work with little storage content. Because this service provider is a bit “stingy”, only giving 2GB for free.

How many GB is Dropbox for free?
How many GB is Dropbox for free?

While it’s not generous in terms of free storage, Dropbox has streamlined management features that make them more intuitive and easy to use. Because of that, Dropbox is easy to use, making it a great place to store data.

Intuitive file management, minimally designed apps, and a wide range of devices have made Dropbox a formidable competitor to cloud storage companies.

Although collaboration is second only to Google Drive, Dropbox is still a basic storage service with file synchronization. And in 2017, the new collaboration tool Dropbox paper was released, bringing more convenience to users in manipulating files such as editing files in many forms (adding text, images, boxes, checking and even inserting photos and videos), smart file sharing with others even if they don’t have a Dropbox account, and the shared person can also edit the file. (Read more: Install and Use Dropbox )

More positive things about Dropbox are that you can upload to the camera, and the service has no file size limits on mobile devices. When you start this function, all the photos from your mobile phone or tablet will be uploaded to your Dropbox account whenever there is a wifi-network connection. However, this is also the downside of Dropbox, because the free storage is only 2GB so they will surely make you quickly use it up.

So, if you like to use this cloud storage service, you don’t need to worry too much about how much Dropbox can store because the provider has expansion packages and you have to pay a fee to use them with the cheapest is a 100GB plan for $8.25/month.

Google Drive – the right choice for teamwork

Drive is not only a cloud storage service but also an office suite that fully integrates Google services. Using Google Drive, you can easily create spreadsheets and presentations, download documents, use Google forms, or connect to third-party apps. All will help you more conveniently in data management and teamwork. (Read more: Dropbox service )

Besides, Google Drive also has the advantage that the search function uses image recognition technology. So, you just need to enter the keyword, the related images will be displayed.

To use Google Drive, you need a Google account. However, don’t worry, Google has no access to your private information. And creating an account is also quick, just declare some basic information and you have an account with 15GB of free storage built in right away.

In addition, Google Drive works well on all devices, including computers and mobile devices, both on Windows and iOS.

When comparing Dropbox and Google Drive in terms of free storage, this storage service outperforms Dropbox in terms of “generosity”, because the provider offers up to 15GB free for users. However, for those who have a lot of documents to store, it seems that this capacity is not worth much. So, if you need more storage, you can pay a minimum of $1.99/month for 100GB.

In terms of data management features, Google Drive is quite strong. You can easily download files, edit files right in your account, share files and folders. This helps to manage work progress and work as a team more effectively.

In addition, like Dropbox, Google Drive offers the ability to automatically upload photos taken from your phone or tablet to your account. If you don’t care about the resolution of the saved photos, Google Drive has a Google Photo option, because they will give you a free and unlimited backup. Accordingly, Google automatically reduces the image quality to reduce storage space. (Read more: Google and Dropbox )

However, if you do not want to take up too much cloud storage space, you should consider using the automatic image upload function.

Google Drive – the right choice for teamwork
Google Drive – the right choice for teamwork

What is Microsoft’s cloud storage service?

Not out of the game about technology, giant Microsoft also launched a cloud storage service called SkyDrive which is now changed to OneDrive. This is a combination of a cloud storage solution and an Office suite. If you are an office worker, who often uses Microsoft Office or Windows, taking advantage of this storage space is quite effective without cost.

OneDirve has been integrated by the vendor into Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and mobile devices using the Windows Phone operating system. In addition, you can also use this storage service on phones using iOS and Android operating systems.

With a neat and organized interface, OneDrive offers a smooth experience of data management features for users who want cloud storage space.

You can easily adjust files such as editing and saving directly on your account without downloading. However, this service is only “smooth” when used on Windows operating systems.

Just like Google Drive or other competitors, OneDrive has an automatic photo backup function and is actually pretty awesome. That is, the Photos menu automatically groups image files by a predefined number of tags. This makes it easy to manage your photo folder. Besides, this browser even allows you to send image files to Walgreens for printing when needed. It can be said that this is quite a useful feature and a strong point of Onedrive. (Read more: Dropbox Storage Engine )

How much free storage does Onedrive have? Although relatively superior, you probably won’t be very pleased to know that this provider only offers 5GB free for users. Of course, comparing Google Drive and OneDrive in terms of free storage, this storage service can’t beat its competition. If you want to increase the amount of GB used, you must buy a premium plan that costs $ 1.99/month for 50GB.

What is Microsoft's cloud storage service?
What is Microsoft’s cloud storage service?

Comparison table between Dropbox, Google Drive, and Onedrive cloud storage services

Below is a comparison table of some basic criteria of 3 popular cloud storage services that are used by many users today for your convenience.

Comparison table between Dropbox, Google Dirve, Onedrive cloud storage services
Comparison table between Dropbox, Google Dirve, Onedrive cloud storage services

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