Google Doesn't Index Articles: Reasons And How To Deal With It

New articles play an important role to build a quality website , attracting users to visit. The google engine will record and evaluate articles on the internet. The article indexing is important to the website, ensuring the website’s interests.

But in many cases, google does not index the article , which affects the SEO strategy. Why is the post not indexed? How to handle this situation? The following article will help new SEOers to explain and have appropriate handling.(Google Doesn’t Index Articles)

Understanding the role of articles being indexed by google

With skilled SEOers, the terms google index, article index, website index are used quite commonly. This is one of the important factors in SEO to keep in mind. Fast and slow indexing speed will affect the effectiveness of SEO strategy.

What is Google Index?

First, you need to understand, what is google index ? In fact, google index is a term in the field of SEO marketing, describing the activity of google bugs to search, analyze articles, websites, based on the content that users search.(Read more : SEO TOOLS )

What is Google Index?
What is Google Index?

Googlebot will scan, compare and evaluate the authority of websites, articles and thereby determine the ranking of keywords, articles and websites on the rankings.

The indexing process is complete, your new article is ranked. Therefore, good index speed is an important indicator that SEOers are very interested in.

Effects of slow google index

Depending on the quality of each website , there are articles that are indexed quickly after only 1-2 days and the website is ranked after 1-2 months, but there are pages that take several months to be indexed on the rankings.

Although the indexing speed of each website is different, how will the failure to index the article or slow indexing speed affect SEO?

Slow indexing speed will affect the SEO speed of the whole strategy, it can be 3-5 days or more. While racing to the top, the real time factor is very necessary to compete with competitors.

Slow indexing speed will be copied and copied by the opponent. Not only that, if the original post is copied-pasted but the index is slower, it will be poorly evaluated by google, accidentally harmed and adversely affect the rankings in the hands of competitors.(Read more : Seobility Seo Tool )

The reason why google doesn’t index popular posts

The problem of google indexing slow or non-indexed articles leads to bad consequences for the website in the SEO process. SEOer needs to clearly identify the cause, the problem that makes google not index your article. Some of the main reasons are often encountered when google does not index articles :

  • Your website does not have www and non-www domains – A common error caused by SEOer not clearly distinguishing 2 websites http:// and http://www are 2 different websites, but are referred to as one landing page. But the goodle bot will distinguish these as 2 independent websites, if you are not careful in reducing the 2 websites to 1 landing page, it will be judged by google as a copy of the article.
  • The sitemap has a problem – the sitemap will be the index for the robot to enter your website to analyze and evaluate the data. But in many cases, the sitemap is faulty or there is no sitemap, googlebot will not be able to visit your website to evaluate.
  • Use the Robots.txt file to block google bots from accessing the website. SEOers often use the Robots.txt file to block google bots for certain low-quality pages. But, accidental installation will cause your site not to be indexed.
  • Updating duplicate website content is a common cause. Because the article has the same content on the system, but the SEOer does not control it carefully.
  • Slow page load speed will affect google index speed. Some reasons for slow page loading speed: poor quality domain, low site size, images and too much data, redundant features that overload the website.
  • Using language to design websites is not standard. Currently, popular languages ​​are used for web design such as: javascript, AJAX, HTML… In which HTML is the web design language for the ability to index web and articles at higher speed. Some cases of non-standard programming language design will make googlebot index slow.
  • Meta tags and web pages are tagged with noindex or nofollow links . Similar to the website robots.txt file, the article will block googlebot from accessing and exploiting information.
  • In case your website is penalized by google, the ranking will drop. The situation is quite rare, unless your site has a very serious error and is poorly rated by googlebot.
  • During the website installation process, the webmaster accidentally installs some privacy-related features or turns on the htaccess feature on the server. The privacy settings will affect the indexing process, preventing googlebot from accessing and evaluating the website.
  • In some cases, the error does not come from your website, but due to a problem with the google bug, interrupting the analysis and crawling. The error status of googlebot will cause a general error for the entire system.
The reason why google doesn't index popular posts
The reason why google doesn’t index popular posts

How to handle it to quickly index the article?

The slow or no indexing of articles by google will adversely affect the website. Therefore, SEOer needs to evaluate and identify problems and causes to handle effectively.(Read more : Marketing tools)

For the reasons listed above, SEOer needs to improve the website with the following solutions to quickly index the article .

  • Build and complete website with standard code structure. When the article is indexed slowly, SEOer needs to check the web code and problems. If the problem lies in the web code that needs to be improved and handled.
  • Increase website page load speed – This is an important job that affects many factors in SEO that need to be improved. Slow page load speed affects user experience, traffic and slow indexing speed. To increase page load speed, users need to note the following important points: use a reputable domain name, increase cache capacity, optimize images and videos, remove some unnecessary plugins .
  • Make a sitemap declaration for google to find and access the website. Should optimize sitemap from setting up website for Google bot to appreciate.
  • Build internal linking system naturally and optimally. The reasonable use of internal links will help google bots effectively exploit information on the website. Users also visit and refer to more articles on the website, increase traffic, reduce page bounces, thereby increasing the ranking of the web status.
  • Building a quality dofollow link system, helping to improve website rankings. The google bot will access websites with dofollow links to exploit information and evaluate website quality.
  • Building a fanpage on social networks is a way to help your articles get indexed faster. At the same time increase the amount of natural traffic , good for SEO strategy.
How to handle it to quickly index the article?
How to handle it to quickly index the article?

The state that the article is not indexed by google is quite dangerous, affecting and reducing the effectiveness of the SEO strategy, in the race for rankings. Therefore, SEOer needs to determine the reason why google does not index the article, and at the same time handle the problem effectively and timely.(Read more : Search Engine Optimization)

Hopefully the above sharing will be useful for users in building effective websites, dealing with problems that keep SEO from reaching the top.

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