Make money online with Fanslave

Hello friends,

Fanslave has been a reputable online money-making site since 2011.

Make money online with Fanslave

With Fanslave you can make money when you have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account, or simply watch videos, surf the web.

– Like face to have money

– Comment face is to have money

– Watch videos to earn money

– In general, doing the tasks requested by Fanslave is having money

Also, it is a 100% legit and paid site that has 500,000+ members from several years. So why waste time in other activities on Facebook and Twitter?

Just give a few minutes daily to Fanslave and start earning today!

Step 1: You register here:

Step 2: Click on “Create an account”

Step 3: Fill in the information

Step 4.1. Connect Facebook, Google Plus accounts (Same for Twitter)


– Avatar picture

– Minimum 5 friends


– Avatar picture

– Minimum 5 followers (I will support refs)

You should create new Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts to make money with Fanslave. (if you don’t want to appear junk on your main account)(Read more : Marketing Technology)

Step 4.2. Select Allow to allow Login to your Facebook account

You do the same with your Twitter account.

Step 5: When the pages to like appear, Open the link of these pages in the New Tab, then select:

  •  Like (For Facebook): 4 – 9 credits for each Like (the word Like changed to Liked is OK)
  • Follow (For Twitter): 1.65 – 5 credits for each Follow (The word Follow changes to Following)
  • +1 for Google+: 1.5 credits for each +
  •  Watch videos (For Youtube): 0.4 – 0.8 credits for each video view (leave the video to run for 30s)
  • View website (For Traffic): 0.2 – 0.4 credits per view (15s)

Each time you log into the System, you do the following:

  • Your Account -> “Twitter” go to Twitter pages and select Follow
  • Your Account -> “Google+”
  • Your Account -> “Youtube” to watch the video then click “get credits”.

HOW TO CALCULATE MONEY: Every 3000 credits is equivalent to 15 Euros, if you play alone you can earn 0.5 Euros a day.

Please note that in the first days of joining FANSLAVE, you should do it regularly, so later on, the amount of credits earned for each Like, Follow… and there will be more pages for you to Like or Follow… more.

Then click the connect button to connect to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus account

And start making money.

Withdrawal: withdraw via Paypal, minimum: 3000 Credits and 15 EURO cash (on average, every 15 days is enough).

Payment waiting time: up to 30 days from withdrawal request.

Tips to make money faster:

1. Install Google Chrome English (if you already use it, turn off all translation functions for Fanslave page if you use Vietnamese Google Chrome)(Read more : digital marketing tools)

2. Install Auto Refresh Plus plugin

3. After installation, click Auto refresh plus icon –> click settings button

4. Adjust the parameters as shown in the picture, then Save

5. Open Fanslave, select Facebook

Then click on Auto refresh plus, adjust the parameters as shown in the picture, then click Start

Time Interval: 25

Page monitor: There are no

Fanslave only allows connection requests 5 times per minute, so follow the instructions exactly if you don’t want your account to be temporarily locked.(Read more : Creating Unique Images)

6. Open a new tab, open Fanslave, open Twitter in Your Account and do the same. Now you let Google Chrome run and do other things.

7. When there is a Facebook page to Like or a Twitter page to follow, Auto Refresh Plus will notify you by showing a popup in the bottom right corner of the screen.(Read more : Marketing tools)

8. You close the notification, then open Chrome, go back to the Fanslave tab to make money

Like Facebook, or Follow Twitter… – You have to do it all with open tabs

Go back to the Fanslave tab and click on “Please click here after watching the pages – Update Credit”

Wait a moment and you will see credit and cash increase..

Then Start Auto Refresh Plus and continue…

9. When you reach the limit of maximum amount earned in Fanslave per day for Facebook or Twitter, you continue with Google+

Open Google+ in Your Account, and configure the same for Auto-refresh plus, then start earning again.

Thank you for following!

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